From skinny & unhealthy to Figure Pro in Natural body building.

When I look back into my past, I see a very unhealthy woman. My body fat percentage was extremely low, & I was constantly fighting with my mental battles day in day out.

I was at my lowest sitting at 40kg which cost me my health.  I would do hours of cardio, get up early & run run run & not to mention the double up in aerobics classes.

I was afraid of eating, in fear I would put on weight.

I needed to shift my focus to weight training to make a difference. I was lacking the confidence to start weight training as I knew I would get judged by people thinking I was there to lose more weight.

I took the plunge and booked a personal trainer.

From there I could start seeing results with my body and left me hungry for more results. I started surrounding myself with like-minded people & had a goal to compete in natural bodybuilding.

Winning the regional title, miss Australia & landed my pro card led me to want to change others lives & then followed my passion to become a personal trainer & online coaching.

Years later & I am still working on myself to achieve better results.

There is unlimited potential to learn and grow.

I have gone from an unhealthy person to a woman that I’d driven, motivated & healthy that has the privilege to help others they come the better version of themselves.

“I took the plunge and booked a personal trainer”

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Client Transformations

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