Hi, I’m Nadema.

I am a fitness/lifestyle coach.

Fitness allowed me to completely change my life and become the best version of myself, and it’s my passion to help other women do the same.
My coaching program and methods have helped many women and now I’d love to help you too.

My responsibility as a coach and role model is to help you get to know the real you and bring out the best in you whilst educating you on fitness and nutrition.

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The Hunger Scale

  • This booklet contains information about physical hunger and fullness.
  • The hunger scale will help you tune in back to your body and the hunger awareness diary will help you identify the difference between physical hunger and psychological hunger.

Client Transformations

3 week progress

I have been training with Nadema for the past 6 ...

Originally weighing 114kg and now currently 60kg, Nadema has really helped me ...

I am so grateful for Nadema! I have a brand new mindset ...